Monday, February 16, 2009

Rocket Spanish: Review: How effective it is?

Planning to learn Spanish soon? Are you trying to find the best resources available at your hand to learn Spanish and be able to become conversant soon...then read on...

Rocket Spanish should be your take. Let me put it in more detail:

What is Rocket Language?

Rocket is one of the best language software developers in the world. They offer various language courses such as Rocket Spanish, Rocket Chinese, Rocket German, Rocket French, Rocket Japanese, Rocket Italian and also Rocket Sign Language. All of these language courses all are available online. An all together different team develops each of the language software. All of the team members are expert on their language.

What is the specialty of Rocket?

Rocket language courses are certified by various institutions of Europe as one of the best available resource for that language.

The best part of Rocket Language is that for each language they have provided a free to try course, which the people can download to their PCs and try completely before buying.

Secondly, since its accompanied with CDs, you can listen on the go or where ever you feel like to understand the pronunciation which is an important part of any language.

How about Spanish?

CDs contain pronunciation, grammar lessons and many more practice lessons. Now this is the best for Spanish. Audio CDs will teach you once, you repeat, you learn faster. Another good thing is full customer support is provided; no matter how small is your purchase.

It contains all phrases a first time traveler need to know in Spanish speaking countries.
You can again try before buying and understand does this fills your need, if no, there is no obligation from your side, what so ever.


A must have products for all Spanish learners plus the course comes in two levels a basic level and an advance level for advance learners.

Click on the respective links to access the Rocket Spanish Language Course:

Rocket Spanish Language
Rocket Spanish: Level 2

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting new language learning

Most people when start to learn a new language, think that there is some magic formula which can make them learn language in a very quick time. They keep spending time in pointless struggle to find that magic book or formula and finally they give up, when they are not able to find any.

The secret to learn any new language is not a magic formula, but time and persistence. Time teaches you new things while persistence tells you how to retain your old learning.

Add hard work to it and it becomes your magic formula. With hard work you keep learning, practicing the things which, you have already learned.
Gradually, you start getting comfortable with the grammar of the language, just keep adding vocabulary to it and see where you reach.

Therefore the secret of learning a new language is: Time, Persistence and hard work. Off course, if you can find some native speakers it would be the best.

A native speaker can provide you with motivation and even correct you on the fly, which will help you learn faster. Motivation is the key here.

Happy learning!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Best Tutor for Learning Languages

Welcome to the Best Tutor - Learn Languages site. This site aims at providing best resources to learn any language in the world.
On this site you can find:
  • Reviews on the latest products available on various languages.
  • Tips on what to learn first in which language.
  • Help on beginning the language learning.
  • Help for first time travelers on common phrases in any language.

So, enjoy your stay here and happy learning!