Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting new language learning

Most people when start to learn a new language, think that there is some magic formula which can make them learn language in a very quick time. They keep spending time in pointless struggle to find that magic book or formula and finally they give up, when they are not able to find any.

The secret to learn any new language is not a magic formula, but time and persistence. Time teaches you new things while persistence tells you how to retain your old learning.

Add hard work to it and it becomes your magic formula. With hard work you keep learning, practicing the things which, you have already learned.
Gradually, you start getting comfortable with the grammar of the language, just keep adding vocabulary to it and see where you reach.

Therefore the secret of learning a new language is: Time, Persistence and hard work. Off course, if you can find some native speakers it would be the best.

A native speaker can provide you with motivation and even correct you on the fly, which will help you learn faster. Motivation is the key here.

Happy learning!

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