Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How fast can you learn a language?

When you start learning a new language, the kind of questions that come to your mind might be:
1. How fast can I learn a language?
2. Can I at least speak a minimum level in a given time?
3. Can I learn this language or not?
4. Will I be able to get the required resources?
and many more...

Let's try to answer these queries in effort to solve all the inhibitions you may have towards learning a new language.

1. How fast can I learn a language?
Learning a new language solely depends on your interest and enthusiasm level. If you are interested and enthusiastic about it, no body can stop you from learning it very fast. If you can maintain you level for first 30 days of starting, then you can easily pick up workable version of any language.

Start with understanding structure of sentences. Once you have done that, all you have to do is keep learning new verbs and keep fitting them into that structure and of course keep talking.

After, some time when you become comfortable with these move to more difficult level. Watch movies, talk to people or native speakers and improve. All these should not take more than 3 - 4 months to become a good speaker. Of course the expertness will come over time.

2. Can I at least speak a minimum level in a given time?
I would say that start with as much resources as possible to learn a language. Buy a language course, get audio CDs or MP3s, talk to people on internet, if native speakers are available keep talking to them as much as possible. All these gives you opportunity to learn as and when you want and helps you in easy progress. Keeping less resources hinders learning as it might not be available at time you are interested the most.

3. Can I learn this language or not?
This is a question you should answer, as this is again related to your enthusiasm level. Nothing is impossible in this world. You can learn any language, all you need is enthusiasm and interest.

4. Will I be able to get the required resources?

This is really a simple question. Open your eyes and you will find unlimited resources for any language on internet. Rocket Languages is one such resource. They have courses for all the most sought languages of the world. Resources should never limit your learning.

and many more questions you may have, you can post them in comments and I will try to answer them.

Happy learning!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: How effective is Rocket Japanese?

Planning to learn Japanese soon? Are you trying to find the best resources available at your hand to learn Japanese and be able to become conversant soon...then read on...

Rocket Japanese should be your take. Let me put it in more detail:

What is Rocket Language?

Rocket is one of the best language software developers in the world. They offer various language courses such as Rocket Spanish, Rocket Chinese, Rocket German, Rocket French, Rocket Japanese, Rocket Italian, Rocket Hindi and also Rocket Sign Language. All of these language courses are available as online download or a 20 CD pack for offline learning. An all together different team develops each of the language software. All of the team members are expert on their language.

What is the specialty of Rocket?

Rocket language courses are certified by various institutions of Europe as one of the best available resource for that language.

The best part of Rocket Language is that for each language they have provided a free to try course, which the people can download to their PCs and try completely before buying.

Secondly, since its accompanied with CDs, you can listen on the go or where ever you feel like to understand the pronunciation which is an important part of any language.

What about support if I still need more help post purchase?

This is the best part of Rocket. They have setup a forum for each language and these forums are administered by language experts. If you think that you have some doubts just post it in to the forum and within 24 hours the language expert is there to help you. This way your learning will be not only faster but also fully accurate.

How about Japanese language from Rocket?

CDs contain pronunciation, grammar lessons and many more practice lessons. Now this is the best for Japanese. Audio CDs will teach you once, you repeat, you learn faster. Another good thing is full customer support is provided; no matter how small is your purchase.

It also contains lesson on local culture so that you can also get the hang of the culture of countries where Japanese is spoken.

It contains all phrases a first time traveler need to know in Japanese speaking countries.
You can again try before buying and understand, does this fills your need, if no, there is no obligation from your side, what so ever.


A must have products for all Japanese learners plus the course comes in two levels a basic level and an advance level for advance learners.

Click on the link to access the Rocket Japanese Language Course:
Rocket Japanese Language

Don't wait start today and enjoy your learning!